Welcome to Westdale

Westdale United offers a progressive worship experience with strong elements of up-to-date preaching and teaching, a vibrant music program, drumming and meditation workshops, and retreats. Our congregation has long believed that the Biblical base upon which we are founded must be understood as a diverse body of literature, deeply inspiring, but rooted in a time that is not our time and a world view that is not ours. Thus our studies, and our distinguished visiting speaker series reflect on the implications of modern scholarship, pluralistic culture, and social conditions for our spiritual pilgrimage. Our church school aims at opening young imaginations to the wonder and mystery of creation and the inspiring figure of Jesus of Nazareth.

As an inclusive community, Westdale United has taken progressive stands on issues of sexual orientation, gay ministry, gender identity, and same sex marriage. We welcome people of all stages in their faith journey.

But Westdale United Church is more than a worship and learning space for our congregation. There is a very strong tradition of outreach, not only through our national church service programs, but also by supporting groups like Amnesty International, Wesley Urban Ministries, and Oikocredit (third world co-ops). Various community groups enter our doors on a daily basis: the Coop Preschool, the Community Living Program, AA support groups, Girl Guide units, Westdale Fencing, among others. McMaster choral groups perform in our sanctuary, and we aim to host more arts events in future.

We welcome you and invite you to browse our website and events calendar for further information and upcoming major events!