Vision Statement

Vision Statement

That Westdale United Church is an inclusive and progressive Christian Community – seeking, affirming, caring, and acting.

Westdale United Church Core Principles

As an inclusive and progressive Christian community we:

  1. Live in the spirit of love and compassion within the United Church of Canada, consistent with and emerging from the Judeo-Christian narrative;
  2. Invite the wisdom of religious and secular traditions, so that we may become fully alive human beings following the Way of Jesus;
  3. Create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all persons so that together we may encounter and embrace the mystery of the Sacred in the midst of life;
  4. Respect each person’s spiritual journey and experience of G_D;
  5. Honour all that enables us to seek, affirm, care and act in our community and the world, knowing that the way we behave towards one another is the fullest expression of what we believe;
  6. Celebrate the interconnectedness of all life as we strive to protect and restore the integrity of the earth;
  7. Promote peace and justice among and between all people;
  8. Commit to a path of life-long learning, including modern critical approaches to interpreting and understanding our foundation document, the Bible.

(Adopted February 20/2018)