The Worship Committee

This group is responsible for the organizing and planning of all the services that take place both in our church, and in those sacred spaces where we do our outreach. The members of this committee also venture into the preparation of “alternative-style” services, which happen the third Sunday of each month.

We work to provide deep and meaningful worship experiences, infusing our liturgy with traditional lyric texts, as well as the contemporary mystical. We call on the music ministry of our wonderful Chancel Choir for our weekly worship. Our section leads and soloists raise our hearts with their offerings.

The committee also focuses on presenting a variety of musical styles involving local musicians, to enhance the power and understanding of God’s Word. Our sanctuary has been blessed by the joyful sounds of the music of the McMaster Gospel choir, Daniel Allen’s transcendent soundscapes, Siobhan Kerr’s celtic harp, Peggy Butler’s string trio, and Rob Shearer’s contemporary program, to name just a few. Rebekah Gravely’s lovely sacred music compositions, created especially for our choirs, provide delight and wonder.

This year, we hope to encourage even more participation from our congregation in Men’s choirs, Women’s choirs, and, of course, our Youth singers and Mixed choir. An ad hoc rendition of “The Hallelujah Chorus”, this past Easter morning, by all those who wished to sing with the Chancel Choir, was a moment of great celebration which is still talked about!