Outreach, Social Action & Environmental Concerns

The Outreach Ministry (Committee) at Westdale United organizes fundraising at Christmas (Westdale Christmas Project) and Easter (Lenten Fund for Others), and allocates revenue from trust funds designated for outreach activities. We have a more active involvement with Wesley Urban Ministries and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. We participate in many of the educational and advocacy campaigns of Kairos, as well as some of the social justice campaigns organized by the United Church through the national office. A portion of the weekly offering at church services goes to the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church.


(from The Constitution: Westdale United Church, Revised 2009)

You shall love your neighbour as yourself. Mark 12:31.

The ministry helps us to care for God’s people and creation. Its tasks include:

1. Informing the congregation about special concerns in the community, country and world with special attention to those issues that the United Church of Canada is addressing at the national and regional forums, and to encourage study, discussion and responsible action on such concerns.

2. Considering appeals and issues and promoting those selected.

3. Conferring with the Board of Trustees regarding funds available for outreach activities.

4. Promoting congregational efforts to live with respect in creation through the support of organizations that may include groups such the Study and Action Group for the Environment (SAGE), Kairos, and the Canadian Food Grains Bank.

5. Providing education about and promotion of the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church, and recommending the annual financial target.