Congregational and Pastoral Care

The Ministry of Pastoral Care looks after the well-being of individual members of our Community of Faith, in times of concern in their personal lives. Our minister and dedicated volunteers make visits where needed. They perform a regular worship service at Shalom Village, often accompanied by members of our Choir. This committee also takes communion, twice each year, to those congregational members who are not able to attend our services in the church. We try our best to keep in touch with those members through regular cards and personal contact.

This year, we are also making an intentional effort to renew our relationship with those former members or our church who we have not seen for some time. Dessert and coffee evenings have been held to encourage dialogue and feedback. We want these members to know that they have been missed, and are fondly held in our hearts. We are in the process of organizing a phone tree, and hope to contact members in this way, as well. Our intention is to keep our members connected and in touch!

If you have skills and gifts in this area of church work, and wish to be involved, please let us know. Your efforts would be very welcome.