The Christian Learning Committee

We are a lively group who meet on a monthly basis to work on our mandate to oversee several areas of church life: Church School (ages nursery-12years); Youth Group (ages 13-17); and Adult Learning. Our work together is guided by our church mission statement that we aim to be “an inclusive and progressive Christian community; seeking, affirming, caring and acting.” Our group includes a mix of ages, genders and professions, all committed to progressive Christian education that seeks to make faith relevant to the challenge of living amid the conflicting issues of our contemporary world.

We are also responsible for organizing various events throughout the year: Rallyburger Sunday BBQ, All Women of Westdale (AWOW), Children’s Activity Day, Annual Book Sale, Church Picnic and Distinguished Visiting Speaker Lectures.

Meetings begin with the fellowship of dinner together.

Rallyburger Sunday BBQ:
This is our fall season kick off with the aim of getting together over lunch to catch up after the summer. Typically this event is held the third week of September.
All Women of Westdale is a half day retreat held twice a year where the women of the congregation and the wider community gather to worship, share fellowship, sing and learn
together. The day includes a hot catered lunch.
Children’s Activity Day:
For children ages 6 to 12 the Activity day is held on a school P.A. day. These themed days include worship, stories, activities, games, crafts and some time in the kitchen.
Annual Resource Room Book Sale:
The United Church of Canada’s Toronto Resource Centre brings to our church a wide selection of recent books for all ages, music and other resources for congregational use. This sale is usually just in time for Christmas and so also includes items relevant to the season.
Church Picnic:
lovely June service outside with worship, fellowship and a potluck lunch (and games for the children)! For the last several years we have held the picnic at the Westdale Aviary.
Distinguished Visiting Speaker Series:
Assisted by the Lilojean and Harold Frid Endowment, Westdale United Church invites scholars notable for their contribution to contemporary religious reflection to spend a weekend with us to deepen our understanding and offer a major public address for the community at large.