Facilities and Rentals

Facilities and Rentals

Westdale United Church has rental spaces available for many functions and activities; classes, family parties, sports activities, and concerts. Our washroom spaces are beautifully upgraded and we are fully accessible with a lift. Alcohol is permitted on the premises, however pre-approval  is required. We also have kitchen space for refreshments and food.

Please email us to check for availability, prior to filling out the form below: Please be sure to explain your rental needs: include approximate number of persons, date and time, and the specific nature of your event. We’ll let you know within a few days if we have the right–sized facility for you, for the date and time you require.

Please Download and fill out this PDF form or print and scan If using Adobe Acobat you can save it as a form fill-able and email as an attachment to wuc.hamilton@gmail.com (if trying to fill / type it out in a browser window / mobile device – unless you have specific PDF plugins / Apps -your options may be limited to only be able to print it)

More Info:

Westdale United’s Parlour, with attached kitchen and washroom, is now ready for rentals. A great venue to hold a meeting, conduct a group session or discussion, or to host a social event. You will not be disappointed!