Church Council

The Church Council is the governing body of Westdale United Church. The members are guided by our new Constitution, which was approved by the congregation in 2009. The Council meets once per month, usually on the third Monday evening. All members and adherents of the church are welcome to attend all our Council meetings. The Council is responsible for all aspects of the work of the church. Each committee chairperson is a voting member, and makes a report at each meeting.

The current members on the Westdale United Church Council are:

Andre Authier Spencer Snowling
Vice Chair of Council
Secretary of Council
Nominations / Past Chair Janet Kilgannon
Ministry of Pastoral Care Ruthanne Braha
Ministry of Worship Deb Kigar
Ministry of Christian Learning Judith Drost-Storey
Ministry of Building & Grounds Doug Anderson
Ministry of Finance & Stewardship: Garnet Webster, Warren Johnson, Roberta Wood
Treasurer Garnet Webster
Ministry of Outreach Glenn Fletcher
Ministry of Staff Relations Rob Dalingwater
Ministry of Trusteeship (Chair) Warren Johnson
Memorial Committee Jane Kawamura
Distinguished/Visiting Speaker Committee Trish Strung
Presbytery Rep. #1 Shelagh Simpson
Presbytery Rep. # 2 Janet Kilgannon
UCW Representative Peggy Butler

This day I call to me;

God’s strength to direct me, God’s power to sustain me.
God’s wisdom to guide me, God’s vision to light me,
God’s ear to my hearing, God’s word to my speaking,
God’s hand to uphold me, God’s pathway before me.

(Prayer of St. Patrick)