Adult Learning

Adult learning is an important focus of life at Westdale United Church. Our ministers are teaching ministers. We are well-known for our annual distinguished visiting speakers program described elsewhere on this website.

We offer occasional day seminars featuring scholars like Prof. John Robertson recently on ‘Darwin’s Gift to Theology.’ A weekly Wednesday morning Bible discussion group ranges widely in searching out the meaning of scripture for our own time, often utilizing DVD commentaries by noted authorities. A monthly men’s breakfast ‘Java Talk,’ held jointly with McNeill Baptist, features invited speakers on current issues of faith and society. A monthly ‘Life Issues Chat Group,’ meeting monthly after church with our minister offers opportunities for opoen discussion of concerns brought by participants. A biennial retreat is held by AWOW (All Women of Westdale), frequently led by Carol Wood, University Chaplain, to deepen spiritual insight through mutual sharing.

Adult learning pervades other activities, such as the work of our Outreach Committee, the Inner Ground Drum and Sound workshops, and the Chancel Choir. Our Trust Funds also make it possible to assist members with the cost of participation in relevant learning events elsewhere.